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Community Health Worker (CHW)

CHW Supervisor-Educator (CHW-SE)

All community health training provided by the College of Clinical Care is trauma-focused. Trauma-focused, community health workers are: 

health care providers and frontline public health workers that extend health care services to vulnerable populations impacted by trauma, including implementing programs that promote, maintain, and improve individual and overall community life, health, wellness, prevention, and recovery from trauma; and, serve as advocates, liaisons, researchers, and mediators between health/social services and the community in order to facilitate access to trauma services and improve the quality and cultural competence of trauma service delivery.

CHW certification generally requires 160 hours (60 hours of education/100 hours of supervised experience) of training. CHW specialties may have additional requirements.  The CHW - General Practitioner™ curriculum consists of the basic community health education and is designed for practitioner level healthcare workers. The CHW - Supervisor/Educator™ curriculum is designed for experienced CHWs that are qualified and competent in providing education, training, consultation and supervision in community health.

75 CEUs
75 CEUs
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